Content Writing: The New Era of Writing

Content Writing: The New Era of Writing

The English language consists of all forms of writing but one form is taking the world by storm. Content writing as you will see in this article also breaks down into many forms. This form of writing is used by many companies via the internet as well as personal bloggers, Brand Journalist, and SEO Copywriters to name a few.

Content Writing

The world of content writing is never-ending. Every day thousands of blogs, social media posts, and web pages are uploaded on the internet and all this happens through an important skill known as content writing. Content writing primarily refers to the creation of content.

This content, however, refers to only content that is readable and does not include pictures or videos. In order to master the art of content writing, one must meet the prerequisite which is all about learning English. Learning English is important because most of the content online is written in English.

Content Writers

How often do you go online and is overcome by the many interesting blog post or informative and maybe even entertaining articles that fill the internet as you surf through it? The answer to that just may well be… every time, so who is behind these works of art?

Content writers are becoming very popular and in high demand and are the people behind this form of web material. In the past, content writers may have been thought of as having endless degrees in English literature, journalism, creative writing, or communication. With that said, many may have these certifications, however; that does not have to be the case.

As content writing is all about learning English, as previously stated, as long as one has knowledge of the English language, and how to write correctly; this field can now be open to almost anyone! However; here are a few things that you need to keep in mind:


This refers to the readability of the content. The number one rule when it comes to readability is the fact that content writing that is written clearly and without many difficult words is the best. This means that not a lot of focus should be put towards creating content that has fancy words.

Rather, content writing that is easy to understand is much better in comparison to content that is difficult to read. This is good news for English newbies, as basic English skills are enough to make your mark in the world of content writing.


”The rolling green hills……The rolling green hills…”

Another important factor that content writing professionals get into trouble with is plagiarism. Learning English also includes the creation of new content. If you copy-paste words from another blog then that is categorized as plagiarism.

Even stealing ideas might be classified as intellectual theft in some cases. Avoiding plagiarism is a central part of SEO content writing as if your content has plagiarized content, then search engines like Google will not accept your blogs.

This will ultimately lead towards a low ranking for your website or your website not being ranked at all. If any work other than yours is used in your content, be sure to cite that work to give credit where credit is due.


Although it may sound ridiculous, it is possible, and not allowed to plagiarism your own work. As a writer, many thoughts and ideas are written down daily. Your work is unique to you, so the last thing you want is for someone else to steal those ideas and use them as their own. When it comes to self-plagiarism, think of it as you wanting to be credited for the first time you came up with that idea, or quote, or whatever that piece of literature is.

Avoiding self-plagiarism is fairly easy. If you write an article for example that has the same wordings as let’s say a blog you wrote previously, you must cite that blog to show where it originated and basically, give credit to yourself. This is especially important if you are writing SEO content which we will discuss later in this article.

One must be really careful when it comes to plagiarism to avoid any copyright infringements which could put your reputation in jeopardy. An everyday and common example of copyright infringement would be using music that does not belong to you for a video that you make for a Facebook video without permission. In the literature world, an example would be using quotes that you are not authorized to use or simply taking someone else’s work as your own.

Consequences of Plagiarism

Consequences for plagiarism could be disastrous if proven. A college student, for example, could risk being expelled if it has been proven that the student has used someone else’s work as their own.

For SEO content writing, plagiarism could be severe for your website as mentioned above. Google does not take plagiarism lightly, self-plagiarism included, and for the culprit, it could mean negative rankings for their website.

The best rule of thumb is to always be original and to always be honest if you plan to be in this line of work for a while. All types of plagiarism could result in legal repercussions and the risk of being sued could become reality. Integrity goes a long way, even in this field.

What is SEO Content Writing?

SEO Content Writing
SEO Content Writing

A term that is most commonly used by content creators is SEO content writing. This is content writing however one major difference is that it is optimized for search engines. Search Engine Optimizations’ first rule is that when content is put on a website it should be optimized and should improve towards the ranking of a website.

SEO content writing basically relies on keywords which can be searched through Google Ads. Search engines promote content that is highly optimized, there are several other aspects other SEO content writing that come into play when it comes to rankings of a particular website. However, the first and foremost is that your content should be optimized for best performance.

All those who are willing to try out their luck in SEO content writing should know that it all starts with learning English. In order to do that when should read as much as possible as reading helps in learning English as well. SEO content writing is high in demand these days, and the best part is that it’s not too hard unless you don’t know the basics of English. For more on SEO click here.

How To Write Content

Whether writing content for your website or writing content for your blog, the first thing to know about content writing is knowing how to write content. The second thing to do is to decide what to write about, and in today’s world, there are so many options to choose from that will surely keep your audience engaged.

Our audience is our biggest asset so not only must we keep them engaged, but we also must know how to keep them coming back, so knowing how to write content, great content, is very important. Let’s take a look at a few tips to help write the type of content to keep your readers begging for more.


Writing without being noticed is meaningless unless your work is only intended for personal use only. SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization is a form of content writing which we have touched on slightly. If done correctly, this style of writing will help search engines find your material quicker than work not using this style and will possibly have your site rank higher among other web material.

In a nutshell, the goal that you should have for your website is for it to become more visible to the world in order to gain a larger audience. This is made possible by generating traffic to your website once optimized correctly. Social media is another great option for optimizing your web material.

Utilize the tools available on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, create ads to gain a broader audience, or create a blog to link back to your site, anything to get your work out there. Knowing how to write content is one step, but knowing how to get attention to what you write is another.

Truncated Sentences

Sometimes getting straight to the point comes across better than giving the long version. With that said, sometimes truncated, or shorter sentences come across better to the reader than longer, more complex sentences. Simple is sometimes better especially in the fast-paced world that we live.

To keep things less confusing, try not putting one large thought or idea into one sentence. Make it simple by breaking it up to not lose the attention of the reader which could lead to traffic leaving your website. Ideally, try to keep your sentences less than 20 words.

There is not an easy way to learn how to write content, it will come with patience, practice, and being ok with failing a few times until you have it mastered, especially if you go in the direction or web optimization.


The human mind thrives on visual information versus black words against a white piece of paper or a web article that’s full of words with nothing more to interact with. Our minds will wander off quickly and go somewhere else if not kept engaged and kept entertained. Just ask the thousands of people walking aimlessly down the sidewalk engulfed in online entertainment on the phones while clueless to the world around them.

Your website or blog is no different. Once you have your audience or your traffic to your web material, you want to keep them glued there. So how do you do this? By adding visuals to your web content. This can be anything from videos, images, or infographics; anything to keep the attention of your audience that you worked hard to get.

Keep in mind though, visuals are mainly for your website content for better optimization versus your blogs, which we will get into more in a later article. Different tools are used in different areas, it all depends on what and how you are writing. However; if your goal is to one day write a book, then building a website to promote that book would be a great road to take, and optimizing that website with visuals will undoubtedly get you noticed quicker.

Visuals will not only keep your guest entertained, but they will also keep them on your site longer which means higher rankings for you. Visuals will not only encourage people to come and stay on your site, but your visitors may also unknowingly promote your site for you by telling others to visit it to check things out for themselves.

Hopefully understanding how to write content is beginning to make more sense. Many variables come into play when creating top-notch content, these are only a few tips that will hopefully get you started.